понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.


Sure, these are the most common things when it is all about pernicious habits, when it is all about habits that kill people and that harm them. Alcohol is of no use for s and our health. There are people that are talking about usefulness of alcohol, though those talks are just myths and have nothing to do with truth. There is no good that alcohol brings to us but there is harm only. Sure, if you take one glass of wine or something there is nothing bad that will happen to you, though in case you take those glasses from time to time and it is rather often then you will have great problems with your health. Alcohol damages your brain first of all and that is why more of alcohol means less of brains, as a rule. And alcohol also damages your liver and in case it is greatly damaged you will be dead soon. Sure, you can have your liver replaced with a healthy one, though it may happen that there will be no donor for you and so – you are dead soon. So, there is no good in spirits and there is no way for those to be friendly towards your organism.