понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.

Punching people

People are different according to the way they percept and feel this world. There are people that percept this world through their eyes and there are those that percept it through their ears, and there are also people that use their noses as the guide for this world and so on and so forth. And there are people that percept this world through touching. They need to touch people next to them to make sure they are here and they are listening. Though, this way of perception sometimes turns into pernicious habit and actually rather irritating one. They are people that always punch others when they are talking to them. It is like this one is going to tell you something and he or she punches you in order you to pay attention at him or her even in case you are attentive. It is a pernicious habit and though it is of no real harm for people, though it may be rather harmful for example in case they will misuse it. In this case they may be really punched by those people that are tired of this habit and those bruises they have on their shoulders and their hands.

Winding hairs

Have you ever noticed those people that are winding their hairs with fingers? And have you ever heard about those parents that are complaining about such a problem with their kids? Well, there are such people and we may call them winders. They are winding hairs and they do it subconsciously in most cases. It is a pernicious habit though it is the most mysterious habit of all known. See, psychiatrists say that there are some mental disturbances of those winders. Though, they may not be right in all cases because there are such people that wind hairs while they are tiny babies. You know, they are new-born and they are bold and so they wind hairs of their parents. There is no way for such a tiny baby to have some thoughts that make it nervous and irritated or stick or something. So, there is a reason for people to be winders, though no one knows about this reason. There some theories you know, but those may not be recognized as the vary truth and as a common explanation for winding. Some people lose it and some of them stay winders till the end of life.

The spit

People are spiting sometimes because they feel such a need. In most cases they are smokers that are always spiting. They spit, because the smoke they breathe in, damages and irritates their receptors and so they have an intensive salivation as a response for that irritation. They need to get rid of that saliva and that is why they spit. Actually, there is no physical damage one may face with because of spiting, but you know, people say that those spits of you may be of negative influence to your life and health. So, in case you are a spiter and you spit on the left side of you, it means that you damages the mental and spiritual sphere of your life. You spit on everything related to friendship and love and other relationships with people. And in case you are a right-side spiter then you damage the material side of your life. You spit on money and the whole material stuff, you spit on your work and business and so on and so forth. Whether you believe it or not but I guess it is better t stop that spitting, you lose nothing when stop spitting.

Picking your nose

Most people think that there is no such a person in the world who never picks its nose, though they are wrong. According to statistics those pickers-noses make 91 per cent of people in the world, and it means that there are nine per cents of people that never pick their noses. So, there is nothing terrible in it and there is nothing wrong in it in case it never crosses the line of normal activity, but in case it does – it is the pernicious habit. This pernicious habit is usually pregnant with damage of membrane in nose and you may cause nose bleeding by constant picking your nose. Though, there is another aspect and it is more serious. Those pathologic pickers are people with mental disorders. Scientists have discovered relation between abnormal nose picking and psychical condition of people. So, in case you are picking your nose too often you may cause the common and permanent nose bleeding and it is also a signal for you to go and visit your doctor. Actually, it is a signal for you to go and visit psych council.

Biting nails

It is another pernicious habit and this one is a result and the reason at the same time. See, this biting may be a reason of person to get sick with different stomach and intestinal diseases because of the number of harmful bacteria people eat while biting their nails. And at the same time this pernicious habit is a single about there is something wrong with a person. In most cases those are mental disorders the reasons for a person to start biting nails. They are kids that usually bite their nails and in case they are, their parents should take them to a doctor and find out whether there is something wrong with their children from the point of view of mental health. And sure, they have to care about consequences of this habit because this biting nails is pregnant with intestinal viruses and diseased and it may also be a reason for people to get sick worms. And the most dangerous worms are those that live in the liver of people, they can really kill them. So, take care about yourself and stop biting nails.


Smoking is the second common pernicious habit for people. All of them are acknowledged about the harm and danger of cigarettes, though they are still smoking and they are not going to quit it. It is the pernicious habit and it is rather difficult for people to get rid of it. Nicotine is like a drug ad it makes people dependent and that is why they can’t refuse cigarettes even though they know those are harmful. But, this dependence on cigarettes is more of psychological kind, you know. There is no pain you will feel in case quit smoking and there will be nothing like feelings drug addicts have when they are out of dose. And so, in order to get rid of this pernicious habit and in order to quit smoking one will need the strength of will, and that is it. All those plasters and gums they have, those are just psychological trick in order to assure a person that there is a help for him or her and that he or she can make it with the help of those pills and plasters and the whole anti-nicotine stuff.


Sure, these are the most common things when it is all about pernicious habits, when it is all about habits that kill people and that harm them. Alcohol is of no use for s and our health. There are people that are talking about usefulness of alcohol, though those talks are just myths and have nothing to do with truth. There is no good that alcohol brings to us but there is harm only. Sure, if you take one glass of wine or something there is nothing bad that will happen to you, though in case you take those glasses from time to time and it is rather often then you will have great problems with your health. Alcohol damages your brain first of all and that is why more of alcohol means less of brains, as a rule. And alcohol also damages your liver and in case it is greatly damaged you will be dead soon. Sure, you can have your liver replaced with a healthy one, though it may happen that there will be no donor for you and so – you are dead soon. So, there is no good in spirits and there is no way for those to be friendly towards your organism.