понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.

Picking your nose

Most people think that there is no such a person in the world who never picks its nose, though they are wrong. According to statistics those pickers-noses make 91 per cent of people in the world, and it means that there are nine per cents of people that never pick their noses. So, there is nothing terrible in it and there is nothing wrong in it in case it never crosses the line of normal activity, but in case it does – it is the pernicious habit. This pernicious habit is usually pregnant with damage of membrane in nose and you may cause nose bleeding by constant picking your nose. Though, there is another aspect and it is more serious. Those pathologic pickers are people with mental disorders. Scientists have discovered relation between abnormal nose picking and psychical condition of people. So, in case you are picking your nose too often you may cause the common and permanent nose bleeding and it is also a signal for you to go and visit your doctor. Actually, it is a signal for you to go and visit psych council.