понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.

Winding hairs

Have you ever noticed those people that are winding their hairs with fingers? And have you ever heard about those parents that are complaining about such a problem with their kids? Well, there are such people and we may call them winders. They are winding hairs and they do it subconsciously in most cases. It is a pernicious habit though it is the most mysterious habit of all known. See, psychiatrists say that there are some mental disturbances of those winders. Though, they may not be right in all cases because there are such people that wind hairs while they are tiny babies. You know, they are new-born and they are bold and so they wind hairs of their parents. There is no way for such a tiny baby to have some thoughts that make it nervous and irritated or stick or something. So, there is a reason for people to be winders, though no one knows about this reason. There some theories you know, but those may not be recognized as the vary truth and as a common explanation for winding. Some people lose it and some of them stay winders till the end of life.