понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.

Biting nails

It is another pernicious habit and this one is a result and the reason at the same time. See, this biting may be a reason of person to get sick with different stomach and intestinal diseases because of the number of harmful bacteria people eat while biting their nails. And at the same time this pernicious habit is a single about there is something wrong with a person. In most cases those are mental disorders the reasons for a person to start biting nails. They are kids that usually bite their nails and in case they are, their parents should take them to a doctor and find out whether there is something wrong with their children from the point of view of mental health. And sure, they have to care about consequences of this habit because this biting nails is pregnant with intestinal viruses and diseased and it may also be a reason for people to get sick worms. And the most dangerous worms are those that live in the liver of people, they can really kill them. So, take care about yourself and stop biting nails.