понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.


Smoking is the second common pernicious habit for people. All of them are acknowledged about the harm and danger of cigarettes, though they are still smoking and they are not going to quit it. It is the pernicious habit and it is rather difficult for people to get rid of it. Nicotine is like a drug ad it makes people dependent and that is why they can’t refuse cigarettes even though they know those are harmful. But, this dependence on cigarettes is more of psychological kind, you know. There is no pain you will feel in case quit smoking and there will be nothing like feelings drug addicts have when they are out of dose. And so, in order to get rid of this pernicious habit and in order to quit smoking one will need the strength of will, and that is it. All those plasters and gums they have, those are just psychological trick in order to assure a person that there is a help for him or her and that he or she can make it with the help of those pills and plasters and the whole anti-nicotine stuff.