пятница, 20 февраля 2009 г.

Addiction and Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a scary thing, it turns you into a zombie who is possessed by one and only desire – to get a dose of drug and save yourself from suffering from withdrawal pains.
If you do not control the usage of the drugs either over-the-counter or prescribed (e.g. tranquilizers, sleeping pills etc.), it leads to you becoming addicted to them. Let alone such illegal drugs as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LCD etc. which do not suggest the notion of control even, they just must not be taken under any condition.
Mind that there are many various kinds of substance abuse and addictions – you can be addicted to drugs, medications, alcohol, cigarettes and even sex! When you become a substance-addict you start feeling that everything that used to be prior in your life (family, friends, job, health) starts coming far after things you need most – drugs.
With regard to side effects of drugs that concern your health only, you must realize that they cause an incurable damage to your both physical and mental health. Drugs make you feel sickness and pain whenever you do not satisfy your constant stable need for the substance you are addicted to.
The initial-mid signs of drug abuse and addiction are represented by bleeding nose, sleep disorders, teeth problems, drastic weight loss or, on the contrary, the gain of extra kilos. Let alone the fact that drugs affect your mental health in a highly dangerous way – that implies your memory, concentration, general ability to think clearly, sensibly and actually soberly.
One thing you must remember regarding here: drugs are weapon, your ‘friends’ who offer them to you are killers who use this very powdery or liquid weapon to make money on your death.