понедельник, 18 января 2010 г.

The spit

People are spiting sometimes because they feel such a need. In most cases they are smokers that are always spiting. They spit, because the smoke they breathe in, damages and irritates their receptors and so they have an intensive salivation as a response for that irritation. They need to get rid of that saliva and that is why they spit. Actually, there is no physical damage one may face with because of spiting, but you know, people say that those spits of you may be of negative influence to your life and health. So, in case you are a spiter and you spit on the left side of you, it means that you damages the mental and spiritual sphere of your life. You spit on everything related to friendship and love and other relationships with people. And in case you are a right-side spiter then you damage the material side of your life. You spit on money and the whole material stuff, you spit on your work and business and so on and so forth. Whether you believe it or not but I guess it is better t stop that spitting, you lose nothing when stop spitting.