среда, 14 января 2009 г.

Passive Smoking - Doubled Danger

Many people know about dangerous consequences they eagerly ‘invite’ by smoking. However, they are not too eager to quit anyway. They excuse their weakness in the addictive field of hanging on to tobacco world by saying that it’s their business only meaning that they bring harm to their health only.
However, they are very wrong when stating it because when a person smokes he or she shares harmful consequences with all the people who regularly or randomly surround him/her: family members, friends, colleagues or even casual bystanders.
You have most probably heard of passive smoking – one’s ‘own’ smoking business which eagerly turns into all the surrounding people’s business as well. The case is also called ‘secondhand smoking’ i.e. when smoke is inhaled by people who are close to the smoker.
The situation is more serious than you can imagine because, according to the research, passive smoking is more dangerous than ‘active’ one. Secondhand smoking person ‘enjoys’ not only the smoke from a burning cigarette but also ‘savours’ the smoke exhaled by a close-standing smoker. This boosts the danger because the exhaled smoke contains much more impressive number of chemicals and harmful substances, for instance, doubled amount of tar and nicotine. Needless to say that passive smokers eventually become highly vulnerable to diseases related to people who smoke in a ‘first-hand’ way.
Secondhand smoking is especially harmful for children and pregnant women. Statistics says passive smokers have very high chances of catching the wave of heart and lung diseases which doesn’t exclude cancer…
That’s why if you are an active smoker, you have now (re)discovered another – most important and encouraging reason to quit the devastating habit once and for all. Unless you’re selfish enough to overlook the fact that you slowly poison (kill) your loved ones every time you light up a cigarette.