вторник, 27 января 2009 г.

Alcohol and Impotence – in Search of Connection

We drink alcohol at parties or on some great occasions often without realizing that we have crossed the limits of the allowed dosage of beverages that contain alcohol. Certainly, there are people who are absolutely intolerant towards drinking alcohol but it’s better than abusing and overusing it. In any case, although there are many scientific conclusions that speak of beneficial effect of small amounts of alcohol (wine in particular) on a person’s body, drinking much brings no good.
However, it’s a well known and proven fact that excessive drinking leads to totally harmful consequences which are connected with one of the most important spheres of a man’s life – intimate relations with women or, to be more precise, a man’s ability to healthily lead these intimate relations. To put it medically simple, we’re speaking of impotence which is a man’s inability to reach or preserve normal erection for normal sexual intercourse.
What is the connection between excessive ‘alcoholizing’ and erectile dysfunction (impotence) and is there any? Even Shakespeare mentioned harmful influence of alcohol on a man’s ‘performance’ many years ago, doctors only surround his poetic facing facts with trustworthy scientific research and conclusions. What do they say regarding the issue? First, alcohol prevents the production of testosterone (the hormone that is responsible for a man’s sex desire). When a man is drunk, his testicles refuse to produce this hormone and as a result a man is more interested in sleeping rather than in having sex. Even this phrase out of the great number of conclusions on the subject sounds kinda creepy…
As you can see, there is a direct connection between this sinful cause (alcoholism) and sadly sober effect (impotence), ladies and gentlemen. According to the research, excessive drinking for long period of time leads to all-time impotence i.e. when a man’s sexual performance is reduced to none even when he is sober. Reasons which back up this dangerous outcome are weak nervous system plus equally ‘powerful’ mental and physical health of a person.